About Our Director

Seryna Jane Lock, founder and director of Sutherland Shire Singing, is a passionate and respected musician and singing teacher based in Cronulla. For almost a decade she has been teaching one-on-one singing lessons, group singing classes and choirs with students of all ages and at all levels of singing ability.

I am very passionate about teaching students to sing with the correct vocal technique to ensure they protect their voices and give themselves the tools to sing with control and strength. I also am passionate about the fact that singing is just a whole lot of fun!”

          - Seryna Jane Lock

From her committed work Seryna has developed an outstanding reputation and skill as a singing teacher and has earned the respect and admiration of her students and other teachers.

“Seryna is a highly experienced and knowledgeable singing teacher. She has a keen understanding of music and a wonderful ear for the finer details of the voice. Her warm and engaging personality creates an instant feeling of trust and allows her students to really blossom. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore themselves as both a singer and performer. And to all parents, I endorse her as wonderful influence and role model for your children. Don't even hesitate. Just begin and discover your voice within and let Seryna guide you to becoming the singer you always dreamed of...”

          - Zoe Emanuel, Director Brightsparks Performing Arts School