About Our School

At Sutherland Shire Singing we are passionate about what we do! In all our private singing lessons and in our kids group singing classes, our goal is to teach, motivate and inspire our students as they grow and develop in their own vocal training and technique, performance skill and musical understanding.


Founded by singing teacher Seryna Jane Lock, Sutherland Shire Singing exists to do 3 things: to teach, to motivate and to inspire.


At Sutherland Shire Singing you will:

  • Learn to sing in a supportive and encouraging environment

  • Receive expert vocal training

  • Learn the correct vocal technique through vocal exercises and a wide range or repertoire

  • Develop your performance skills


Sutherland Shire Singing is passionate about creating an environment and a culture where each individual student is given the support and encouragement to pursue their own singing journey without comparison or competition. From fun kids group singing classes to private singing lessons for those who want to advance their vocal technique, our lessons are filled with excitement and knowledge to help each student enjoy and grow in their own unique singing voice.


Singing teacher Seryna Jane Lock inspires her students. No matter what age or what level of ability, Seryna breathes belief into each student and works closely with their individual goals to bring out the absolute best in them. "Singing lessons are invaluable in equipping students with vocal knowledge and understanding, and giving them the skills to sing with the correct vocal technique, but what I consider just as important, is developing and nurturing a fascination, joy and love of singing." - Seryna Jane Lock.